How Not To Drive a Ford F-350 On A Trailer

People like to cut corners. It’s just a fact of life. But what may sometimes appear to be the easier route is made all the more hazardous by not following…

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charger dodge

50 Most Frequently Ticketed Cars

Speeding tickets, right? One of the major banes of contemporary living and nearly a right of passage for most young Americans. But what causes speeding tickets? Well, speeding of course—seriously,…

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This Dodge Ram Cummins Truck Makes a Nissan GTR Look Like a Snail

Believe it or not – Car and Driver ranked the Nissan GT-R as the fifth best premium sports car on the market. Now, whatever can be said about Car and…

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Mercedes Benz W125

25 Luxury Car Facts Most People Don’t Know

Every one of these cars has two things going for it – 1) it’s a luxury automobile, regardless of its era and 2) there’s a neat fact about it that…

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25 Forgotten Features From Old Cars

If you think back far enough (assuming you’re old enough to remember any of these) then you will remember some of these long-forgotten features from popular cars of yesteryear. These…

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25 Fastest Police Cars From Around the World

Woah. You don’t want to find yourself in a place chase against one of these bad boys. These police cars are not messing around! If you love sweet cars, then…

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worst vehicles

50 Worst Cars Ever Made

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder, “Why?” In this instance, we’re wondering why some of these cars even got made at all! Either they are not conventionally attractive, they serve…

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mercedes G wagon modified off road rocks

25 Baddest Trucks On & Off The Road

25. Chevy Hydrogen Powered US Army Pickup Truck At first glance, the three-ton Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 looks like any other jacked-up truck, just with a camouflage paint job. But inside,…

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FLYP Military Jeep

50 Cutting Edge Military Vehicles

BAE Systems Adaptiv Technology is an active camouflage technology designed to protect military vehicles from detection by near infrared night vision devices. It consists of an array of hexagonal Peltier…

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The Humvee vs. The 6 Foot Wall

After reading this you may be tempted to hop in your hummer and try the same thing. However, unless you want massive damage to your vehicle, I would not suggest…

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