40 Worst Cars to Buy in 2020

40. 2018 Porsche Cayenne The 2018 Porsche Cayenne scores well in just about every category. It’s certainly a pretty SUV, offers great performance, and the interior is among the best…

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2009-hummer-h3t(Top Speed)

40 Vehicles Not Worth their Sticker Price

40. 2009 Hummer H3T 2009 Hummer H3t   68%  depreciation Hummers were built for a specific market segment and when they started to run out of those “people” they came up…

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50 Rare and Classic Semi Trucks

International Harvester was an American Company comprised of several other companies. In other words, a merger. IN 1902, J.P. Morgan merged Deering Harvester Company with McCormick Harvesting Machine Company and…

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Greatest Car Movies Ever Made

50.Two Lane Blacktop A near-mystical exploration of the world of drag racing and the Great American Road Trip, Two Lane Blacktop stars iconic folk singer James Taylor and Beach Boys…

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funny bumper sticker sayings

Funny Bumper Stickers You Don’t See Everyday

Don’t get too close to this guy, unless you want something thrown at you! That being said, we all took driver’s ed here. We all saw the breakdown of where…

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Man Finds A Rare Suzuki Truck In Backyard, Restores It To Its Original Beauty

Restoring any auto vehicle back to its original glory is a tall order. But restoring an old Suzuki SJ410 pickup truck, in Israel, with little to no prior experience…not that’s…

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33 Celebrities That Drive Trucks

Christian Bale Academy Award winner Christian Bale is probably more comfortable in a Batmobile than this Toyota Tacoma. Maybe he just spotted the ride, thought it was Kristen Stewart’s, and…

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Muscle car lift mod

50 Worst Car Mods We’ve Ever Seen

We all love Star Wars—seriously if you haven’t seen Rogue One yet, what are you waiting for? Get to it, man! And one of the coolest things about Star Wars…

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Dodge Ram Skag Down boat

Dodge Ram 1500 Vs. New Boat Owner

The problem with having a powerful truck, like this Dodge Ram 1500, is that some drivers don’t know how to handle it. That means when they run up against resistance,…

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How Not To Drive a Ford F-350 On A Trailer

People like to cut corners. It’s just a fact of life. But what may sometimes appear to be the easier route is made all the more hazardous by not following…

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