This Is Not Your Average Jeep Wrangler

First off, the only thing “Jeep” left on this behemoth is the back 2/3rds of its frame. Where the classic Wrangler has a 3.6-Liter V6 24-Valve VVT Engine, this haus…

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There’s Off-Roading, Then There’s Extreme Off-Roading

If you’ve ever seen a cliff climbing demonstration, you know there’s a difference between off roading and extreme off roading. Off roading is something like mudding. Sure, it’s fun and…

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World’s Manliest Trailer: Manley Off-Road Vehicle (MORV)

Do you like doing manly things? We’re talking off-road expeditions, your rugged equipment in tow, and setting up camp in the middle of nowhere. We know we do. And that’s…

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Half Jeep, Half Tank: Full Metal Jacket Jeep Review

A full metal jacket bullet is designed to allow for higher velocity. FMJs are standard ammunition for military exercises and are often used for target practice. Along comes the Full…

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