2009-hummer-h3t(Top Speed)

40 Vehicles Not Worth their Sticker Price

No offense here, but these cars are just not worth what they want you to pay for it – in our humble opinion that is! Whether it’s drivability, safety, value…

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Greatest Car Movies Ever Made

The only thing cooler than an awesome car is an awesome movie about an awesome car. Okay, maybe that’s a bit backwards; the cars are always going to be cooler than…

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funny bumper sticker sayings

Funny Bumper Stickers You Don’t See Everyday

We’ve all been sitting in a car at one point or another in our lives when we’ve glanced to our left or right and seen something that just makes you…

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Muscle car lift mod

50 Worst Car Mods We’ve Ever Seen

Hey, don’t get us wrong – we love a modded out car. We do. But we love them when they are well done, and look appropriate. We simply have no…

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charger dodge

50 Most Frequently Ticketed Cars

Speeding tickets, right? One of the major banes of contemporary living and nearly a right of passage for most young Americans. But what causes speeding tickets? Well, speeding of course—seriously,…

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Mercedes Benz W125

25 Luxury Car Facts Most People Don’t Know

Every one of these cars has two things going for it – 1) it’s a luxury automobile, regardless of its era and 2) there’s a neat fact about it that…

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25 Forgotten Features From Old Cars

If you think back far enough (assuming you’re old enough to remember any of these) then you will remember some of these long-forgotten features from popular cars of yesteryear. These…

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FLYP Military Jeep

50 Cutting Edge Military Vehicles

BAE Systems Adaptiv Technology is an active camouflage technology designed to protect military vehicles from detection by near infrared night vision devices. It consists of an array of hexagonal Peltier…

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The Humvee vs. The 6 Foot Wall

After reading this you may be tempted to hop in your hummer and try the same thing. However, unless you want massive damage to your vehicle, I would not suggest…

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moab hot tub Stuck red jeep ditch

Trying to Crawl Out of a Moab Hot Tub

Subaru 4-wheel-drive SUVs are pretty much a thing of the past. Seeing them languish in junkyards, though, is only inviting a mechanic to dream big. That’s precisely what this crew…

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