Massive Tree Cutter

The Absolute Best Way to Cut Down a Tree

There are many ways to clear land for development but using a brush cutter attachment manufactured by DENISCIMAF has to be the coolest one. It brings a whole new meaning…

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RC Excavators at Work Will Take You To a Happy Place

What is it we love about construction sites? Let’s face it, we all love excavators at work and seeing progress first hand. It’s the noise, the smell, the massive size…

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Lamborghini Color change captain america

Lamborghini Changes Colors Right Before Your Eyes!

Chances are you had your own car as a teenager that you liked to fix up. Perhaps you would change out the accessories, add a bit of trim, maybe even…

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Chainsaw Motors With an Identity Crisis

Chainsaws are awesome, right? Noisy, smoke-blasting, powerful wood-chewing monsters. They’re even a little bit scary and dangerous in the wrong hands – we’re looking at you, Leatherface – but that…

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New Tire Pressure App Could Save You Hundreds

We sometimes forget how important maintaining proper tire pressure is to our cars. It keeps us safe, comfortable, and can even save us money. Potentially thousands of dollars, in fact.…

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RC Cars Are All Grown Up: RC Tractor Pulls?

When we were kids, we played with toys. As men, we still have that same fondness for “toys”, they’re just a little different. Today we have sports cars, motorcycles, and…

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Make Your Own Engine with a Coke Can

They say you can do a lot of things with coke. We know this to be true. You can use it to clean corroded battery terminals, scrub rusty sinks and…

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