funny bumper sticker sayings

Funny Bumper Stickers You Don’t See Everyday

We’ve all seen them, right? There you are just sitting in traffic; maybe at a red light, maybe in the entry ramp onto the highway, or maybe you’re parking your…

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50 Little-Known Facts About Engines

Engines are in everything. There’s an engine in your car, sure. But there’s engines in trains, planes, bikes and even unconventional things like an air conditioning unit. The engine has…

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50 Awesome Cars With Cool Names

What’s a cool car if there’s not a cool name to match? That’s half the battle in winning over the public, is naming it something gnarly. No one wants to…

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BMW Rod(

50 Cool Rat Rods You Have to See

Rat rods are a special breed, and they’re not for everyone. Compact, crazy fast and crazy cool – these 50 rat rods take the standard rat rod to the next…

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Fobo Tire Plus, coolest car gadgets

33 Interesting Car Gadgets on Amazon

Cool car gadgets! We can’t get enough. The car gadgets on this list are easily available on Amazon, and they support a wide range of modalities. Some are tech, some…

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50 Most Dangerous Drivers of All Time

50. Carey Loftin Don’t let the photo fool you. Carey Loftin was one of the most dangerous drivers of all time. However, he stuck to taking out road rage aggressions…

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Muscle car lift mod

50 Worst Car Mods We’ve Ever Seen

Hey, don’t get us wrong – we love a modded out car. We do. But we love them when they are well done, and look appropriate. We simply have not…

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25 Cars For Your Dream Garage

This is basically just a grand list of everything we want. These cars are so cool that we’ve been wishing on a star for them for so long. If we…

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charger dodge

50 Most Frequently Ticketed Cars

Speeding tickets, right? One of the major banes of contemporary living and nearly a right of passage for most young Americans. But what causes speeding tickets? Well, speeding of course—seriously,…

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Mercedes Benz W125

25 Luxury Car Facts Most People Don’t Know

Every one of these cars has two things going for it – 1) it’s a luxury automobile, regardless of its era and 2) there’s a neat fact about it that…

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