Facts about Muscle Cars

Take a small car and put a large-displacement engine in it. That was the idea that lead to some of the best cars ever made. American muscle cars. Many people may not realize how big a role muscle cars have played in American culture.

Muscle cars were produced for the majority of the twentieth century and on into the twenty-first. However, muscle car popularity and performance grew in the early 60s. Ford and Mopar (made up of Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler) battled for supremacy in drag racing and America’s love for speed ran deep. But these cars didn’t just have to be fast, they had to look cool, too. At the time muscle cars were heavily marketed in movies and even songs. Fierce competition between automakers gave rise to incredible stories and amazing car facts, which we’ve put together here in our list of amazing facts about muscle cars, from the ever-so-technical to the pop culture references involving muscle cars that you haven’t heard before.

Are you ready to test your knowledge of some of the slickest hot rods out there? You may be surprised by what you already know — and what you had forgotten about the cars of an era gone by. Test your knowledge, and let’s get those engines roaring now! We hope you enjoy what’s in store, and you come away with some new-found muscle car knowledge!