50 Custom Cars Made From Ordinary Vehicles

What’s better than a car? A custom-made car. And what’s better than a custom-made car? A custom-made car that’s produced out of other cars! That’s what you’re going to get out of this list, is a whole bunch of really unique, awesome cars that are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. There’s big ones, small ones, cool ones, odd ones, dangerous ones and even some ultra-rare ones. You’re going to love these cars!

50. 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe Zombie Survival Edition

This 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe is known as the Zombie Survival Edition. It was built in honor of the 100th issue of the Walking Dead release produced by Image Comics. The big reveal occurred in 2012 at the San Diego Comic Con on July 11 of that year. This looks like a grown-up version of a Battle Bots robot. Do you remember that show? Custom made robots with spears and defense mechanisms battling it out to the death. Well, if there was a grown-up version of that show, this Hyundai Zombie would dominate that show!

49. Mad Max Style El Camino

Check out this El Camino themed out in full Mad Max style. No wonder Mel Gibson only had 16 lines of dialogue in the original movie. If you’re driving this thing, the guns and speed do all of the talking for you!

48. VW UFO

You never know what might turn up in Black Rock City, Nevada. Take this UFO for instance. Is it a Volkswagen Bug, a flying saucer, something left over from a Back to the Future prop set, or have the Jetsons finally arrived?

47. 1978 Corvette Batmobile

So it’s not every day you see a 1978 Corvette themed, or rather morphed, into a Batmobile. However, when you surf eBay and the Internet you always come up with a few surprises. Interestingly enough, this individual was auctioning off of the Corvette Batmobile hybrid for the handsome sum of $110,000. That’s enough to make you want to go back to the Bat Cave, honestly.

46. Mad Max Style Humvee Art Car

While this Mad Max themed Humvee isn’t part of the real movie set, it’s convincing nonetheless. If you visit the Relaxomatic Emporium Camp at Burning Man, you can find a lot of similar type vehicles. However, steer clear of this one because it does have a working fire cannon powered by propane!

45. Mad Max Mustang

This Mad Max mustang made its debut at one of the fabulous Ford’s For Ever Show in Buena Park, California. The owner modified the frame and wheel base of an old Ford Bronco so it would fit underneath a 1968 Ford Mustang. It looks like a beast, especially with the Gatling gun mounted on top!

44. 1981 Corvette Speed Racer Mach 5

What does it take to morph a 1981 Corvette into a Speed Racer Mach 5? Well, you have to be handy with fiberglass and make a full commitment. As such, this is only one of two speed racer cars ever made using an existing C3 Corvette body.

43. Mad Max Interceptor

As it turns out, you don’t have to go to Australia to find the original Mad Max Interceptor seen in Fury Road. You can find this beauty at the Miami Auto Museum living life as a semi-retired ford mustang. Just don’t expect an autograph if you show up, because cars don’t do that sort of thing (even if they are celebrities).

42. Defiance Dodge Charger

You might think this Dodge Charger was part of the Mad Max movie series, but you would be wrong. This vehicle was used in the SyFy channel series Defiance (April 2013). However, as snazzy as this car looks there are a few noticeable faux pas’ that making driving impossible (like the impossible exhaust exiting the passenger side rear fender). Good luck with those alien attacks!

41. Mad Hammer

OK, so this is a true custom vehicle themed out in Mad Max style. The entire build took 4 1/2 years to do things like an art deco style front grill and custom cab modifications on the frame. The only clue we have to its vehicle origin is the 1929 Ford California vehicle registration.

40. Cosmo

So we mentioned the Jetsons earlier, and this Cosmo Tron was actually designed to appear as one of those 1960s space-age bubble cars. Build time took 18 months and the car was created from many house hold items (like bottle caps in the top of a firework rocket). However, its heartbeat is a BMW Z3 chassis with a lot of polystyrene foam and fiberglass attached.

39. Halo Warthog

This is what we call hot modding in true spirit and form. A 1984 Chevy K 10 pick up was used as a basis to transform into a Warthog Troop Transporter from the popular video game Halo. Gear heads will appreciate the four bolt 350 V8 providing all the power (we like all the sheet metal)!

38. Rocket Ship Car

This vehicle mashup mod was actually made from an old roller coaster car taken from Euclid Beach park in Cleveland, Ohio’s Collinwood district. The acquirers took base elements from the old rocket ship ride when the park was being dismantled. They also have another vehicle taken from another park coaster and use both of them for special events and parades.

37. 1969 Chevy Camaro

Okay so this guy (Dirk) took his 1968 Camaro and turned it into a Mad Max supercar. The engine cranks out 500 horsepower and 450 ft lbs of torque. Dirk had cancer at the time and still found a way to get his build done, so what’s your excuse?

36. Mad Max Style VW Beetle

No big deal here, it’s just your average every day Mad Max Beetle VW Bug. And while the Beetle is definitely the basis, the build required a complete frame off modification so it could be lengthened and stretched. Plus, those big wheels are needed to handle all the power this beetle generates!

35. Star Trek Shuttlecraft

Don’t you wish your old Ford Aerostar van could look like this? Well, if you are the guy who frequents Burning Man to pick up Star Trek chicks you do. Cory Mervis-Bocksor turned his Aerostar van into a Star Trek Shuttlecraft vehicle to do just that. Live long and Prosper, Cory.

34. Indecision

Here are a couple of incredible facts about this car. First, it was completely made by hand from rolled steel. Second, the artist (British based Andy Saunders) used this vehicle as his daily driver for two years before selling it to a private party in Kingston, Jamaica.

33. Run A Ground

Here is another oddly beautiful Andy Saunders creation known as “Run A Ground.” Its what happens when a Reliant Regal (vehicle) meets a Monbar 146 (boat). The two come together to create the world’s first street legal speed racing boat!

32. The Flatmobile

Lowriders can’t compete with this. The Flatmobile was built for one purpose… beat the Guinness World Record for “Lowest car.” As such, she is only 19 inches tall and has only 2 inches of ground clearance.

31. Ford X-2000

Based on the floor plan of a 1962 Mercury, this vehicle was entirely hand built. Ford originally had the idea for the X-2000 in 1958. However, the car was never brought to life until Andy Saunders made it happen!

30. WCC Tron Audi R8

Wouldn’t you like to turn your Audi R8 supercar into a Tron themed vehicle? You can thank West Coast Customs for this metamorphosis. Also, remember, this particular R8 is all electric (fitting, huh?).

29. The Flying Car

So if you are Jesse James and have your own Discovery Channel show, and a $100,000 supercar laying around (2004 Panoz Esperante) you can turn it into a flyer. Of course, there are no guarantees. Yes, it flies, but it only performs as well as one of the Wright Brothers first Kitty Hawk attempts.

28. Pasta Ferrari

Yes, you can turn your Ferrari into an oven if you choose to. Just realize, you will be driving solo to make room for the conveyer belt. Also, no night driving since you must remove one of your headlights to outfit the propane tank needed for the oven up under the hood!

27. 1990 Ford Mustang Lawn Mower

If you watched the first episode of Monster Garage you probably remember this beast. Known as the mustang Mower, it can cut grass at more than 100 miles per hour! The mower works independent and is powered by a 10 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine.

26. 1994 Ford Explorer – Trash Truck

Yes, this is another Monster Garage transformation special. However it did not end well for Jesse if you recall. He made a bet with the individual who installed the hydraulic arms and lost (because they actually worked!).

25. Gravedigger Hearse

When you want to turn a hearse into a back hoe, who do you call (hint, not the Ghostbusters)? This build was actually a revisit by Jesse and his crew after failing a previous attempt. The paint job is incredible and the open hood concept makes it look fierce!

24. 2005 Dodge Magnum Train Car

So as it turns out you can’t just smack a cow catcher on the front of a Dodge Magnum and turn it into a train car. Hydraulics had to be reworked and the rear storage compartment was removed to make room for the system itself. The train wheel lowers onto the rails while speed is still supplied by the monstrous HEMI v8!

23. Porsche 911

Rauh Welt-Begriff modifies Porsches you either love or hate. Take these Porsche 911s for example. The signature blue color, screwed on fenders, cartoonish ground effects and over styled white walled tires make some owners giddy, and others appalled.

22. Paradise Road Galaxian

Wanna pay $1million for  an over styled Model T? Japanese auto shop Paradise Road is responsible for this beast of a build. The 1928 Model T base frame morphed into an open engine concept, killer exhaust pipes and one of the most incredible custom paint jobs we have ever seen!

21. Sophia

This 1940s Cadillac never looked so good. Nicknamed “Sophia”, she is a beauty in sea foam green with complimentary green and white all leather interior. And yes, she has a solid v-8 under the hood, but it is the custom front grill with multi directional flair that is the real showstopper here!

20. Black Pearl

James Hetfield of Metallica owns this car, which is really no surprise. A self-noted gear head, James’s Black Pearl won custom car of the year in 2014. Underneath all the fancy schmancy body styling beats the heart of a 1948 Jaguar Mk4.

19. Razor Cola

If you didn’t know any better you would think this is the original Razor Cola from Mad Max: Fury Road. This one is also a modified Ford Falcon XB GT, although the hood has been removed (it looks more menacing). True to movie style, this was the new reincarnation vehicle driven by Slit after the former Interceptor burned up.

18. T-Buckets

T-Buckets allow hot rod enthusiasts to show off their skill set in an unencumbered way. Most of these mods begin with a steel base frame, with chassis, wheels and motor being added to it. These T-Buckets resemble early forms of automobile transportation, yet they have enough horsepower to red line any drag strip.

17. Mentally Insane

When the name of your car is Mentally Insane, you know the build is impressive. Andy Saunders took a 1983 Bentley Mulsanne to use as the base. Then he added pieces from Mazda, Volvo, Opel, Suzuki, Mercedes, Scorpio, Ford Focus, Austin Montego, Maestro and 1800 Landcrab to create this gorgeous beast of a vehicle.

16. The Picasso

Do you recognize the Citroen 2CV6 underneath the Picasso disguise? Interestingly enough, the car can still reach a top speed of 65mph despite its non-aerodynamic design. Also, it’s only street legal during the day because of the headlight placement situation.

15. The Empress

Yes, underneath this “kool” mod job is a 1957 Ford Skyliner Retractable. The tail fins and fender skirts were lengthened, a floating front bumper was added and the suspension was slammed nice and proper. It was purchased by Baron de Rothschild for his private automobile collection.

14. Baja Bug

The first Baja 1000 (known then as the Mexican 1000) took place on Halloween in 1967. Motorcycles led most of the time, but a Baja Bug built by Bruce Meyers took home the win. Overnight Volkswagen Beetle Bug mods (Baja Bugs) were famous and have been entered in the competition ever since.

13. Dodge Viper Limo

Yep, that is a Dodge Viper Limo (most often used for show at racing events around the nation). And no, it’s not a lightweight either. This is a true Viper under the hood, just don’t try to corner too fast or you might go into 360 slide mode.

12. Trans Am

Consider this car to be a TransAm on steroids. It’s the perfect marriage of exotic hand made sports car meets American iconic muscle car. It started out as an SLP ZL575 Supercharged, but wound up as a custom Hurst Trans Am. Plus, if you buy this one you will have one of only two ever made. The other one went Paul Teutle Sr. of Orange County Choppers.

11. 1957 Chevy El Capitol

This car is an icon for a few reasons. Mostly, it is known as the last custom 1957 Chevy El Capital Sam Barris built before he retired. Second, the details and beautiful pear white and candy burgundy paint job make jaws drop every time it is spotted around California.

10. Cosma Ray

Look close and you may notice an early 60s Corvette Stingray. The creator wanted to move away from straight windshields to a more popular bubble look. The bubble top, along with teardrop headrests, a pointed nose and lake exhaust pipes made for many car awards.

09. Modern Grecian

Oddly enough, the folks at Barris customs made a 1947 Studebaker cool when four door sedans were not considered cool at all. The top was chopped off two inches, the hood and fenders received functional air scoops and the grille was fashioned from two old 1951 Lincoln grilles. Over the years this car has been green, pink and yellow depending on who the owner was.

08. Jet Car

Remember when Monster Garage set out to build a jet car? Well they did and it ended up going 185 miles per hour. For the 7th generation build they used a modified Toyota Celica. Jesse even cut the window straps to get in so he could later get OUT of the car.

07. Nissan Rogue Star Wars

Well since it is a Nissan Rogue, and there is a Rogue One Star Wars Movie… why not? To add drama to this custom build the Rogue received custom aluminum body panels. The end result is a pint sized version of the Millenium Falcon on wheels.

06. Canadian Tire Ice Truck

So would you even need a radiator in a truck made entirely from ice? The amazing thing about this truck is that it actually drives! It is the brain child of auto store Canadian Tire and was produced in an attempt to make car batteries more interesting. Whaaaaat?

05. Ice Charger-The Fate and the Furious

The latest movie in the Fast and the Furious franchise will feature this epic Dodge Charger. It will be driven by Vin Diesel’s character (Dom) and is powered by an unknown engine. To us, it looks like there might be a little Back to the Future influence going on here.

04. Big Mike

This is a 4th generation build of a 1992 Honda Prelude. Modified by SEMA favorite “Big Mike”, it features custom clay molded fenders, front spoiler, and a force fed 2.o liter 4 cylinder engine to amp up the performance (hint: it has a turbo_. Throw in a custom set of Falken tires and you have a real winner on your hands.

03. Pro Mod Camaro

This car is the stuff of legend. Made by Andy Robinson, it is a modified 1968 Camaro designed to live for glory 5-6 seconds at a time. The crew at Torco is top notch, working like ants after each race to make sure the engine and tires are in proper working order. The wide drag slicks and beefy engine have been great race winning additions to Andy’s Camaro, as he is a known superstar on the circuit.

02. Ferrari 348 Targa Police

When Colombian Police captured Fernando “Scratch” Gomez, they took his Ferrari 348 Targa as well. Since the drug kingpin is now safely behind bars the car has found new life as a cruiser for the Colombian Police force. Good luck running away from this one of you try to make a break for it!

01. Envy

Yep, you are looking at the world’ first Lamborghini Huracan made for drag racing. Ironically, the Lambo uses a factory 5.2 liter v-10 engine. However, all of the interior components were upgraded to handle the power generated by the 1,600 horsepower motor.