23 Cars Owned By John Cena


John Cena rose to fame as a pro wrestler – and a darn good one at that. But he has since then pivoted into a successful acting career. This is what is making Cena a household name these days – that and his charity work. One aspect of the WWE champion that most are unfamiliar with is his vast car collection. Well, it’s time to familiarize yourselves with it because it’s too good not to show off. Enjoy.

1989 Jeep Wrangler John Cena

23. 1989 Jeep Wrangler

When John won his first WWE paycheck, the 1989 Jeep Wrangler was the first thing he purchased. For him, it is a symbol of how far he has come, how hard he has worked, and his humble beginnings. There isn’t anything special about the vehicle, but it must hold a special place in his heart.

22. 1991 Lincoln Continental

1991 Lincoln Continental John Cena

Just as the Cadillac Coupe Deville, this car features here, not because of any special specifications or ability, but because of the sentimental value it holds for him. When John hit the road in 1999, times were tough, and he had to live out of this car. Today he lives in a mansion in Tampa, Florida, but we are sure he hasn’t forgotten his loyal 1991 Lincoln Continental.

21. 1984 Cadillac Coupe Deville

1984 Cadillac Coupe Deville John Cena

This car is likely one of the most important cars to John. It might not have the looks, luxury, or power of the other machines in his garage, but it holds the distinction of being the first car he bought. He bought it at age 14 and is the “firstborn” in the line of cars he has in his collection.

20. 1969 AMC AMX

1969 AMC AMX John Cena

The 1969 AMC AMX is a sporty and fun two-seater automobile found in John’s garage. It is a GT-type car that was made by American Motors Corporation from 1968 to 1970. The one owned by John is a 1969 model. This muscle car came with short wheelbases, with differentiated it from the sports and muscle cars of its time. It was created as a response to Chevrolets’ Corvette, coming to deliver similar performance at a lower price. Today, it is a collector’s item and can be found in auction across the country. It is no wonder that this All-American car found its way to John’s garage.

19. 1970 Buick GSX

1970 Buick GSX John Cena

Another great American car you can find in Jon Cena’s garage is the 1970 Buick GSX. It was a deviation from GM’s previous limit of 400-CID for intermediate cars. The car was a speedy automobile that offered 455-cid and a V8 engine to boot.

18. 1970 Chevy Nova

1970 Chevy Nova John Cena

The 1970 Chevy Nova is a nostalgic machine. It was marketed as an alternative to high-end muscle cars. Similar to the 1969 version, the only difference was the grill that looked like an egg crate. It came in two or four-door style. You could get either a V4, V6, or V8 engine. The V8 offered 200 horsepower and was loved by many users. These cars are very American and are reminiscent of great times. Many collectors love them, including John Cena.

17. 1971 AMC Hornet SC/360

1971 AMC Hornet SC John Cena

The 1971 AMC Hornet SC/360 was a reasonable option to the popular American muscle cars that were slowly going out of style. While these cars were expensive and had a chokehold on the insurance companies, this two-door sedan quietly stole the spotlight as a cheaper alternative. Originally, AMC planned to release it in both SC/360 and SC/401 models, but the 401 model was scrapped.

16. 1970 AMC Rebel Machine

1970 AMC Rebel Machine John Cena

This car might not look like it, but it is one of the most powerful cars of in its range found in John Cena’s garage. It is designed like a luxury car, but under the hood, it is a beast. It is an ultimate rebel machine. It had a ram-air 390-cid V8 engine rated at 340 base horsepower, a Hurst-shifted four-speed transmission, and heavy-duty suspension. Although it came late to the muscle car party, it came with a vengeance, outstripping all its rivals at the time. John is an avid fan of muscle cars; thus it is no surprise to find this car in his garage.

15. 1970 Plymouth Superbird

1970 Plymouth Superbird John Cena

The Plymouth Road Runner is a classic muscle car, and John loves that era. It is one of the first cars he bought, and he adores it. Back then, the cars had crazy designs, paint jobs, and body styling, all of which John is a fan of. Not everyone is a fan of the design, but the crazy design is sure to arrest attention. The car has an odd metal nose cone, comes with a 72″ aluminum wing and superb handling seven aerodynamics. Ugly, but a head-turner, it is the kind of car that always leaves comments in its wake. It had three engine choices: 440 with 375 base horsepower, 440+6 with 390 bhp, and dual quad 426 Hemi with 425 bhp. It sprints from 0-60 in 5.5 seconds.

14. 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350

1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350 John Cena

After the success of America’s first muscle car, the Pontiac Tempest LeMans GTO, GM went ahead to put a large displacement engine in the car, thus making the big-block engine type of cars soar in popularity. One of such cars that copied this design was Oldmobile’s Cutlass 442. When the demand pendulum swung to affordable muscle cars, Oldsmobile responded by making the Cutlass Rallye 350, a junior muscle car with a high performance small-block V8 engine. The car came with matching yellow bumpers. Under the hood, you could find a 350 cubic inch V8 engine that delivered 310 horsepower. However, the model was discontinued after 3,500 units were built. Today, you can find one of these cars in John Cena’s garage.

13. 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator John Cena

The 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator is a stunning car that comes with the style of the 70s. While other cars were headed towards looking like muscle cars, the Mercury Cougar Eliminator was designed as a more luxurious version of the Mustangs of the time. Hence, for folks looking for luxury over power, it was a great option. The design features hidden headlamps and sequential tail lamps. The Mustangs of the time had a sports car image and aura while this car came with a beautiful touring design. Although not a muscle car, it offered decent performance to drivers.

12. 1970 Pontiac GT Judge

1970 Pontiac GT Judge John Cena

This Pontiac is unlike other Pontiacs before or after it. It came with a new design; an endure nose with exposed headlamps, new and optional 360 base horsepower, a 455-cid V8 engine, a revised rump, and body side creases. It features muscle car performance in contrast to its counterparts that went the way of luxury cars. The Judge came with functional hood scoops, and had more defined and sharpened handling, with softer springs, and revised shock valving, plus three choices in transmission. Despite all the features, sales dropped drastically, and the car had to be retired. John Cena must be glad he’s got his hands on one!

11. 2007 Dodge Charger SRT-8

2007 Dodge Charger John Cena

Many car lovers will recognize the 2007 Dodge Charger SRT-8. It is inspired by the muscle cars of the 1960s and 70s. The Super Bees of the 70s featured a HEMI engine, and so does the new Dodge Charger SRT-8 Super Bee. It produces 425 horsepower and goes from 0-60 in just 5 seconds. The car also rides well on its 20 inch unique SRT-developed forged aluminum wheels and high-performance Goodyear supercar tires. It is Dodge Charger’s first special edition from SRT division of Chrysler, features great handling, sharp riding, performance-oriented styling, and a race-inspired interior.

10. 1969 Dodge Daytona

1969 Dodge Daytona John Cena

Aside from the pleasure of having a new ride, Cena buys cars because he genuinely enjoys them, and it is no surprise that most of his cars have a story. Some of the cars in his large garage reflect his love for NASCAR history, and the 1969 Dodge Daytona reflects this as well. The Daytona comes with its signature 23″ stabilizer wing and in place of a traditional grill; it comes with a sheet metal nose cone. In its model year, only 505 units of this car were produced. It has a Hurst shifted four-speed manual transmission, dual-breaker distributor, a 440 Magnum engine, and more features. It was one of the first cars to hit 200 MPH while racing.

9. 2006 Dodge Viper

Dodge Viper John Cena

While growing up in Massachusetts, John Cena developed a taste for the finer things of life, especially super cars. Once he got his big break and was famous and wealthy, he set out to buy all the things he could only dream of. One of those things is his 2006 Dodge Viper. The car is built for speed. It comes with an 8.3 L V10 engine that spits out an incredible 500 horsepower. If speed was his motivating factor behind buying the 2006 Dodge Viper, then he probably has so much he wouldn’t know what to do with it. He loves American muscle cars, and he doesn’t care whether it is new muscle or classic muscle cars.

8. 2006 Ford GT

2006 FORD GT John Cena

Before he got himself in trouble with Ford over his purposed sale of the 2017 Ford GT, Cena had bought a 2006 Ford GT. And after taking a look at the car, no one can blame him for adding this beauty to his collection. The car, when it was first released, cost $150,000. If you want to buy it today, you have to shell out up to $400K. Anyway, it is worth the high price as it comes with a 330 cu engine with a 550 horsepower and six-speed manual transmission.



The InCENArator is arguably the strangest car you will find in John’s collection. It was custom built by the Parker Brothers on the instructions of Cena. He wanted to transform a Corvette C7 R to look like something futuristic. The tinkering birthed the InCENArator. The car has a unique body, with flamethrowers that can shoot four-foot flames from special vents at the rear. Entry into the car is from the hood; you have to climb up the hood. It has a glass clamshell roof, a 5.5 L V8 engine that churns out 491 horse power. The car was featured in Dream Machines and Gumball 3000.

6. 1971 Plymouth Road Runner

1971 Plymouth Road Runner Cena

The Plymouth Road Runner is a classic muscle car, and John loves that era. It is one of the first cars he bought, and he adores it. Production lasted from 1968 to 1980 with various types making it to the assembly line. Chrysler issued three generations of the model, the last being released in 1975. The last generation got criticized for the outdated look. In truth, most would rather take Cena’s 1971 version.

5. 1969 COPO Chevrolet Camaro

1969 COPO Chevrolet Camaro Cena

The engine of the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro was a lightly modified version of that used in the Can-Am Chaparral race car. The engine featured a four-barrel carburetor, aluminum head, and block, wet sump lubrication and delivered around 500 horsepower. All of these features made it one of the most powerful production cars sold by General Motors. Despite the enormous power, it is fully street-legal, fitted with factory stock tires and dual exhausts. John must have loved this car, and he shelled out between $135K and $225K to add it to an already impressive collection. The version Cena owns is a red 1969 COPO Chevy Camaro with white letter tires.

4. 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger

1966 Dodge Hemi Charger Cena

Among the impressive collection of cars owned by John Cena is this 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger. The engine in this bad boy was introduced as a race engine back in 1964 and had a street version in 1966. The engine put Dodge on the map of muscle cars which ultimately resulted in the creation of the Dodge Charger. The engine of this beast has a horsepower of almost 500. It comes with firm springs, bigger brakes, and front discs. All of these combined to raise the price of the car. Of the 37,000 Chargers built by Ford, only 468 got the Hemi engine, and John Cena is the owner of one of them.

3. 2007 Ford Mustang Saleen Parnelli Jones Limited Edition

Ford Mustang Saleen Parnelli John Cena

You can only find 500 of these cars in the world. Why? Because only 500 of these cars were made by Ford and John Cena is the proud owner of one. These cars were based on the Boos model that Ford Mustang produced in 2007; however, they lack the Boss badges. Saleen Parnelli was the racedriver who drove a Boss 302 on his way to winning the SCCA Trans-Am title in 1970. The limited-editions are how he wants to remember the car that gave him the victory. The dashboards of each of the 500 cars were hand-signed by him. You can find one of these beauties tucked away in Cena’s garage.

2. 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 John Cena

In 2009, John Cena was lucky enough to be the 73rd person to purchase the 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. The Chevy Corvette Z71 is a powerful car that looks amazing. Pop up the hood and be awed by the 6.2 L V8 Supercharged engine that delivers 638 horsepower. The machine accelerates from 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds and has a maximum speed of 205 miles per hour! It was acclaimed as the most powerful production car made by Chevrolet and GM.

1. 2017 Ford GT

2017 FORD GT Cena

To start this list, we will begin with the latest acquisition we are aware of: the 2017 Ford GT. The car put Cena in quite some trouble. It is a limited edition car that buyers need to sign up for before they can buy one. Part of the agreement includes not selling the car during the first 24 months of purchase. Cena opted to sell, thus breaching his contract and landing in legal trouble. The two parties settled for an undisclosed fee, and Cena sold it to a wealthy farmer during Monterey Car Week. The GT is an incredible ride that is completely made of carbon fiber. It features an EcoBoost V6 647 HP 3.5 L Engine that makes it one of the most powerful V6 ever made.

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