50 Worst Car Mods We’ve Ever Seen

Hey, don’t get us wrong – we love a modded out car just as much as the next guy. We do. But we love them when they are well done, and look appropriate and professional. We simply have no idea what these people were trying to do with these particular rides. Maybe they saw something similar in a magazine or at a car show and tried to replicate it themselves. Some of these are aesthetic some may make them perform better? Make them look cooler? We simply don’t know, that’s how insane some of these are. One things is for sure, all of these were do-it-yourself and some are very creative. But don’t take our word for it. You’ll see for yourself pretty soon.

Back-Up Mufflers

What does the number 24 mean to you? Maybe you’re thinking about your ice-cold 24-pack sitting in the fridge, or perhaps you’re thinking of the hours in the day, or your teams’ tough 24-point loss last weekend…but I bet you were absolutely not thinking about 24 chrome-tipped exhaust pipes. You know you weren’t, so don’t lie. This home-made whip is actually cleaned up pretty nicely, and probably runs smoothly. But boy, is this not a good car mod…How much worse will they get?


Smart Tank

World War II wasn’t all that long ago if you think about it. Most of us have grandparents who can remember those years and likely served in the Armed Forces of our respective nations. In Europe, especially, the scars of the war still litter the landscape, from the fortifications of Normandy to the remaining Nazi architecture in Germany. So it’s a little surprising to see a mini-car done up like a Wehrmacht tank. At the very least, it’s kind of sadly ironic—which may be the point. At most, it’s more than a little tasteless. Parking that thing in Poland or Austria might just start a riot—or a panicked fear of a new invasion.

Van Gone Long


This Van has been customized into a futuristic spaceship with a Batman Theme. The purple and gold really take it to the next level (because yeah, that’s what this ride needed to be considered “next-level”; a crazy paint job). How does this even come about? What parts do you order, are is this completely fabricated in the backyard…we may never know. What we do know is that it’s a wild ride. Literally and figuratively.

This One Is Exhausting

I SPY…with my little eye, an exhaust pipe. Can anyone see it? Oh yeah, that’s right it takes up the entire foreground of the photo so of course you see it. Everyone in the neighborhood, nay the state, know this bad boy is out on a delivery. Honestly, as far as pizza delivery cars go – this one is about as good as it gets. Party on, Wayne.


Bugly Looking

Ok, now this, this is the opposite end of the scale. This is just adorable. It looks like something from one of the Saturday morning cartoons of yesteryear: an anthropomorphic vehicle that would spend its time-solving mysteries with Scoobie Doo or trading quips with the other Transformers. At a minimum, it’s modeled on one of the characters from the Pixar Cars movies. Upon closer inspection, we’re not sure that this photo establishes any sense of scale. It could be that this cute little thing is a remote-controlled model. Which makes as much sense as anything else.


Floptimus Prime


Can you imagine sitting at a red light and this thing pulls up next to you? There’s so much to take in with this one, we honestly aren’t even sure where to start. This slingshot owner is such a huge Transformers fan, they designed their Slingshot to resemble a transformer in its car form. What would be even cooler is if it starting transforming in front of your eyes into an evil robot-fighting humanoid the size of an elephant. But this is a pretty good consolation prize.


The Renovator


This truck, named “The Renovator”, features a plastic siding on the bumper, and slick tires. The truck is also lifted for some reason. This has to be a joke, right? Another photoshopped pic, or maybe someone’s attempt to de-cartoonify (What? It’s a technical term!) something from a Pixar movie. Well, no, it’s a real photo of a real car, and the truth behind it is even stranger than you might imagine.

Totally Spoiled


The tail of this ride sits high in the air similar to the Disney Pixar Cars character Wingo. Aside from that, its down right crazy. There’s a point where the spoiler works and where it doesn’t. Maybe they wanted to take car signs advertising to a new level and add company names in those slots. This one seems like it may have “spoiled”. What do you think?



Do they even make tires that size? The car reads, “What’s next???” and we’re here to tell you. Sparks. That’s what is next if this thing tries to drive on the road like a regular car. Or if it isn’t sparks, then it’s a loaded semi trailer with monster truck tires waiting to go on this clearly home-made rims. Then, we’ll have ourselves the most amazing car mod, maybe ever.

Porsche Bug Hybrid


There are some combinations we never thought we wanted. One of them is half a Porsche half a Beetle. This might be the most legitimate looking car mod on the whole list, seems functional and honestly not even too ugly or misshapen. I mean, I wouldn’t drive it, but I can see how someone would want to. Well done, mystery car modder, well done.

Bat Limo

Yep. It’s a Bat-Limo. If you’re at all a fan of the Batman comics—and if you’re not, why are you reading this list?–you know that the Caped Crusader has Bat-everything: batarangs, Batmobiles, Batplanes, Bat-computers, probably even Bat-mugs for his Bat-coffee. So why not a Bat-limo? It makes sense if you think about it. Bruce Wayne is obscenely rich, and dedicated to his whole Bat-thing, so why not combine the two into the ultimate symbol of dark, mysterious, justice-dispensing luxury. After all, if you can’t find crime with a little bit of style, what’s the point of even trying?


Double Jeep

Double Jeep! Some folks would say that they’re joined at the hip, but we’re just happy to seem sticking so close together. Street legality? We’re honestly not positive. Functionality? Physically it seems possible at best. Comfortability? Huge! Think about lounging out inside of this monstrous Jeep. you could definitely get noticed driving this jeep around the beaches of Florida or California.

Corvette Station Wagon


There are somethings we all thought we’d never see. One of them is a Corvette with a hatchback. This one gets points for execution. The overall job looks well done. Which also represents the cost. It couldn’t have been cheap to get what amounts to a faster than normal station wagon or an uglier than ever corvette. They can definitely use this corvette to go get groceries now.

Volvo 10-Pack

This guy has nothing on Mr. 24-pack at the top of the post – but hey, 10 exhaust pipes is nothing to hang your head over. Of course, the home-printed signs displaying the excellent qualities of his vehicle only add to the overall cringe-factor of this Volvo. Not the worst car mod we’ve ever seen, definitely not. But not the best either…

Huge Muffler

Big Set Of Tail Lights

How does that even happen? And what’s more important is probably, why did that happen? The pair of bubbles, uhhh, taillights are sure to turn heads on each and every freeway they find. My goodness, what a car mod! Was this designed to be like a his and hers trunk originally? Maybe to allow the passenger to have their own trunk space.


Muffler Man

Huge Muffler

The owner of this Grand Marquis has one thing no one else has, well maybe two things. The world’s biggest set of exhaust pipes. Along with a need to use two parking spaces, this thing surely causes a stir. Looking like life was photo shopped, these crazy big exhausts still having us scratching our heads. You definitely have to be careful loading the trunk so you don’t get burnt.

Lifted Geo


As silly as it looks this Geo Metro looks fun to drive. Realistically I don’t know if that Geo could turn those wheels. The torque it would take to get those things moving, may be a bit more than the a standard Geo is equipped with. they definitely didn’t want to get this Geo stuck in a mud or a big puddle. Points for creativity though.

Honda Powered

The more you look at this photo the more amazing it becomes. Spend some time on this one…you’re going to need it. Okay, obviously the 75cc fishing motor is not supposed to be there. That much is clear. What is unclear are a couple of questions we have with A) What kind of blowout situation is going on with the rear axle to make that whip look that way? and B) the passenger is clearly having a great time and C) who is driving this car? There is no one on the left side of the interior….


GT Oh My Those Are Big Tires

What a beast! Look at this thing. This is a rare showing of proper proportions and potent power. This bad boy will dust you on the strip and climb to the top of the mountain faster than you. Curious, though…how does the driver get into the vehicle? By planting off the tire tread like the monster truck drivers do, probably.

Not So Smart Car


This smart car owner had the bright idea to add even better fuel mileage with a tractor trailer hood scoop style wind diverter. Guess they weren’t content with the incredible gas mileage the standard smart car promotes. This thing will get hybrid like miles per gallon if it gets a good gust of wind from behind. Hopefully no major winds from the side though.

Tow Package

This one really takes the cake. I mean there’s poor esthetics and then there’s poor engineering. And if there is one photo out there that is sure to make an engineer cringe, this is it. This one covers both. Definitely not street legal. Should you find yourself behind this driver at anytime they’re towing something. Change lanes immediately.

Mad Max Corvette

However, if you must modify your Corvette, this is the way to do it. Forget bad body work, let’s get straight Mad Max up in here. This is a sports car for the post-apocalypse, the Thunderdome or maybe even Fury Road.

Vanity Project

Some people take fandom of their favorite show to another level. We didn’t know this level existed.

Corvette Hauler

The Haulin’ Hauler – this 1979 Chevy Corvette with cargo isn’t like the rest of the car mods on this list. By that we mean, this one was done by a professional and it was the intention from the get-go…not just a crazy idea someone decided to pursue. And look at this thing of…beauty? It could probably make a comeback today.


AMC Gasser

If you must mod an older car, be mindful of that vehicle’s rarity, value, and/or place in history. And, luckily for you, potential gasser, the AMX models from the 1970s have none of those things. These cars were worth little then, are worth less now, and no one cares what you do to them. So if you must get cheesy, crazy, or indulge in a pale imitation of Rockabilly/gasser culture, this is the perfect medium—the ideal canvas for your air-brushed glory. Have it it, brave one: we’ll see you at the gas station of a Saturday night.

Pop-Up Pool Club


At some point in this Bronco’s life, it lost its fender-flares. So the owner decided to cut a kiddie pool in half and place them as new fender-flare.

6 Wheeled Lotus

Cars have four wheels. Repeat after me: cars have four wheels. Anything else is madness. The sort of non-Euclidian geometry about which H.P. Lovecraft wrote so beautifully. So what’s up with this thing? Well, we’re guessing that it’s just a cosmetic modification, perhaps done as a promotional or for a car show. Otherwise, we’re left to imagine one of the most complex drive trains/steering linkages in human history—which would warrant a list in its own right. Also: how do you get in and out of that thing? Where do you sit? How does any of it work? It appears to be left handed drive but . . . how?

Gargoyles Mobile

Picture this: you are in your car. Just minding your own business, going the speed limit (okay maybe 5 miles an hour over) and then you glance in the rearview mirror and three vicious gargoyles are coming up hot on your tail! What would you do? I’d speed up as a reflex, either that or pull off on the first road possible. That’s intense, what a mod!

Van Lift

Speaking of Saturday morning cartoons, we’re pretty sure that a great many items on this list are going to be inspired by them. Here’s another case in point: just like a superhero, the mild-mannered deliver van drops away to reveal a kick-ass Formula One race car hidden within. There’s a lot to be said for this: you can cruise around to drop the kids off at soccer practice or pick up a load of supplies for work, all the way content in the knowledge that you, yes you, can still turn up if needed in your high-speed, state of the art racing machine.


Muffler Car

Well, that’s one way to manage your exhaust system: turn the whole thing into a giant muffler, and just roil down the road spewing exhaust and noise into the faces of the poor plebes who dare to drive behind you. To heck with the environment, or safety, or courtesy, or just basic common sense, you found the biggest exhaust tip in the free world, and you will by God mount it on your car. Anything else would just be plain un-American. So defend freedom, show your pride in Meneke as a company, and above all don’t let the Commies win.

Supreme Depreciation


Someone chose to depreciate the value of their Lambo by flooding it with the Supreme Logo on the paint job.


Spoilers Porsche

That’s uhhh, a nice spoiler ya got there.


Cigarette Car


This is a unique car mod featuring a car smoking a cigarette.


Door Knobs


Most drivers use the manufactured handle to open the door to their car. This driver installed a doorknob to open his car door.


Xbox Driver


This mod is only what we all can assume is what a Microsoft company car look like.

Vin Diesel Look-A-Like


This Vin Diesel fan wanted everyone on the road to know he is always rolling with Vin.


Corvette – Shortvette

The Smart Car concept is pretty simple: a small, economical, efficient car designed for in-town driving. So far so good. However, there’s a trend among Smart Car owners to pimp their rides by mounting all sorts of squeezed down versions of luxury or sports car bodies onto the chassis. Here, we see the Corvette version. The more you know . . .


Batman, Pitbull, And Transformers


This Toyota Avalon driver combined decals of Batman, Transformers, and a Pitbull.

Coke Bottle Wheel


This car owner decided to take the huge risk of replacing his wheels with taped Coca-Cola bottles.


Beetle Wheelie Bars

Wheelie bars are funny stuff. Like spoilers or front end air vents, they tend to be misused. Folks, please hear us on this: none of these are cosmetic. They’re all supposed to DO SOMETHING FUNCTIONAL as your vehicle performs to the best of its ability. In the case of a wheelie bar, it’s their to support the vehicle when you pop a wheelie. Which generally requires rear-wheel drive. So . . .what’s a wheelie bar doing on this front-wheel drive Volkswagen? We have no idea. Either this ride is a lot more modified than it looks, or someone has no idea what they’re doing. We’re betting on the latter.

Roof Trash Scoop


The Car owner took fake it till you make it to the next level. He added a half dumpster as a Roof Scoop, and a plywood rear wing.


Yellow Fin Car

Fins can look aggressive, and front end mods can give your car an air of authority that really had something. Likewise, suicide doors are distinct looking—as are gull-wings and pop tops. However, this car is like the parable of the wine and the sewage. If you have a barrel full of wine, and add a teaspoon full of sewage, you now have a barrel full of sewage. Likewise, if you have a barrel full of sewage, and add a teaspoon full of wine, you still have a barrel full of sewage. In either case, you’ve spent a lot of time and money achieving nothing. Nothing. Much like the owners of this car.

Audi Exhaust


This Audi owner decided the factory exhaust pipe on his Audi A4 wasn’t good enough so he replaced them with a custom Audi Exhaust.


Chevy Caprice Rolls Royce

Produced from 1965 to 1996, the Chevrolet Caprice is an iconic car, if not quite a classic. The exception might be the glory years of the 1970s, when second-generation of the model rolled off the factory floor and onto the roadways of America. The style was pure 70s, reeking of disco and funk, and the colors matched the drab yet vibrant tone of the era. This was a car for its time and place. Which raises the question of what this person’s plan was for his Caprice? Did he just hate the model for existing? Is this, for lack of a better term, performance art repudiating the entirety of the era? We may never know, but one thing’s for certain—someone had an agenda, muddled though it may be.

Viper to Diaper


This Viper owner decided to take his already great Viper and add an unnecessary amount of mods to it to turn it into this.

Beetle Porsche

The Volkswagen Beetle was originally designed by Ferdinand Porsche, who later went on to start his own car company, we’re told. And this would explain why the Porsche 911 and the Beetle have roughly the same side chassis and wheelbase. So, a la the Lady or the Tiger, this photo leaves the viewer with a single, maddening, unanswerable question: is this a Porsche pretending to be a Volkswagen, or a Volkswagen pretending to be a Porsche? Either answer raises further questions, putting the viewer well down the path to insanity. Much like whoever did this mod in the first place. 


Wanna-Be Bugatti

The Bugatti is a mighty super supercar—one of our favorites, if we’re honest. And this thing is meant, we think, to be a tribute. Or at least an approximation of a tribute. What it actually becomes, however, is just sad. What’s under that body panel mod? We’ve got a variety of theories around the office: A Scion FR-S or a Subaru BRZ being the most popular. However, it’s hard to tell—chiefly because those panels are so poorly installed and aligned. The obviously rattle-can paint job isn’t helping matters either. There’s a good core concept here, but we need to work on the execution.

Tilted Wheels


This trend is confusing, but there are car owners who have a car that have tilted tires. Rough Suspension, hard to steer, and a lot of scraping of his undercarriage.


Golden Camaro

This is a Chevy Camaro. Someone did this to a Chevy Camaro. Someone spent money doing this to a Charger. The mind boggles. Dude, the 70s are over and the era of big pimpin’ is past. It’s a more restrained and streamlined world now. A world of smart phones and wearable tech, not a world in which King Midas lost his mind while at a used car lot on a Saturday afternoon. There’s no dignity to this, it’s just awful and whoever did it should feel bad about themselves. They’ll have time to—no self respecting young lady is looking for anything here.

Downhill Prepping


The owner of this truck must always have a feeling of going downhill when he’s driving his truck.

nissan truck with funny tire dolly modication

Floored Hydraulics

This isn’t a trick photograph. No photoshop was involved. And no, that grass is well mowed, thank you. This is what it looks like: an insanely low riding custom job, the result of hours of hard work, planning, suspension redesign, channeling, and sectioning. So much so that we’re fairly certain that’s a lawn mower engine—it’s hard to imagine that there’s space for anything else. And don’t even think about how you clown car your way into that thing. That’s acrobatic to say the least. Still, someone worked hard on it, and they must have had their reasons. We just can’t figure out what they are.

Nissan Dolly Cart

nissan truck with funny tire dolly modication

This Nissan pickup truck driver landed on our list with much respect. While yes, it is still quite the bad car modification for numerous reasons. You cannot deny the sheer creativity one had to have to come up with this last minute missing tire repair. There is a lot of MacGyver energy going on here and we are all for it.

Big Rims And Spending G’s

Custom cars are a bit irrational—as are, to be fair, so many hobbies and obsessions. There’s nothing wrong with it per se; it’s your money and you have the right to spend it as you see fit, regardless of how the outcome might look to someone else. With that having been said, we reserve the right to question a few decisions—like buying a mid priced automobile and spending damn near the purchase price not his kind of bump kit. Those rims alone are a mortgage payment each, by our amateur math. So . . . why do this instead of buying a better car? We don’t know but hey, it’s not our money.

Speakers For Days

The more science fiction minded among you might see this as a feat of imagination: some sort of advanced propulsion system like the one found on the DeLorean DMC-12 in used in Back to the Future. However, our journalistic ethics require us to tell you that this isn’t the case. Instead, it’s another, sadder kind of flashback. In the 80s and 90s, neighborhoods around America abounded with the sound of overblown car stereos. It got to be a contest: who could have the biggest, and what they could do with it. Systems that could blow out windows were the name of the game, and this car right here is a flashback to that sad, bygone era. Some people just can’t let go of the past, and more’s the pity.

Chevy Confusion

Fiberglass molding has gotten a lot cheaper over the years. What was once an industrial process is now accessible to backyard hobbyists, making custom designed panels something that quite literally anyone can make over the course of a Saturday afternoon or three. And we support that—anything that makes creativity available to the masses is a good thing in our eyes. However, with great power comes great responsibility, namely the responsibility to avoid stuff like this. What is it? What is even the base car under there? What’s the concept or vision behind this? There’s no telling, and we’re not sure we want to know.

Ready For Lift-Off

Mods have a place—all mods. Whether it’s functional or just an aesthetic choice, all modification have their role to play in the world of custom cars. That is, if they’re used correctly. We love spoilers, and we’ll admit to being fans of wings—on vehicles that perform such as to need them. The aerodynamic support is a must on really high-speed cars with massive powerhouse rear wheel drive engines. The more astute among you have noticed that this isn’t the case here. Quite the opposite, actually. This looks be on a front wheel drive vehicle, and made of plywood.

Camber Can’t

Fun engineering fact: automobile wheels and tires are designed to perform within a fairly specific frame of stresses, and moving beyond these can cause huge damage to your car. We’d like to think this is common sense stuff, but here we are with living proof of the opposite. Camber is great and all, but like anything excess causes problems. As it almost certainly has in this case: this is the worst possible advertising for whatever kit did this. It looks stupid, and dangerous, and it’s not something anyone should consider. So just say no, kids. Just say no to camber.