A Helicopter Motorcycle? Hoverbikes Are Coming!

You’ve got to love crowdfunding. Kickstarter has brought us everything from smartphone apps to Reading Rainbow remakes. And now it’s on the verge of giving us something revolutionary – a motorcycle helicopter. Or is it a helicopter motorcycle? Let’s just call it a hoverbike. Remember the speeder bikes from Star Wars?

Yeah, the ones with lasers on the front, racing through the forests of Endor. Well, this one doesn’t have lasers (or Storm Troopers), but you get the idea. Still a work in progress, hobbyist turned inventor Chris Malloy of New Zealand says his vision for the hoverbike is for it to be able to go any place a helicopter can – and then some.

Early prototypes used kevlar, carbon fiber, and aluminum to build what is essentially two helicopter propellers with a motorcycle frame in the middle. The idea was to create something that could do many of the same things a small-ish helicopter is used for – search and rescue, emergency services, military operations, rustling cattle – but better and more efficiently. (more…)

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It uses a four-stroke flat-twin BMW engine and thrust was directed from the two blades using something like a rudder. With the vehicle claimed to be capable of flying 10,000 feet