10 Surprising Facts About The C-5 Galaxy


C-5 Takeoff Weight Capacity Is Huge

Fact 1 - 10 Surprising Facts About The C-5 Galaxy
Here is the first on our “Surprising Facts About The C-5 Galaxy” list. The C-5 Galaxy has a maximum takeoff weight is 769,000 lbs. but 840,000 lbs. during wartime.


C-5 Galaxy Can Go Fast And Reach 34,000 Feet In The Air

Fact 1 - Facts About The C-5 Galaxy
The maximum speed of the C-5 is 601 miles per hour and a cruising speed of 586. The C-5 can fly at a height of 34,000 feet. Also known as its service ceiling.


C-5 Galaxy Wings Are Heavy

10 Surprising Facts About The C-5 Galaxy - Facts 3
Each wing of the C-5 Galaxy weighs over 40,000 lbs.


The U.S. Military Has Retired And Active C-5 Galaxies

Facts About The C-5 Galaxy - Fact 4

Many C-5s have now been retired with others remaining in service.


The Military Has Lost 3 C-5 Galaxies In Crashes

Three C-5 Galaxy aircraft have been lost in crashes.

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Some C-5 Variants Cost More Than Others

Their are multiple variants of the C-5 Galaxy with unit costs ranging from $100 million to $224 million.


C-5 Has A Long Flight Range

The C-5 has a range of 3,700 miles.


The C-5 Galaxy Needs A lot Of Paint

The C-5 Galaxy is so large it takes 2,600 lbs of paint to paint the interior and exterior.


The C-5 Has Enough Room To Hold Multiple Helicopters

The next of our facts about the C-5 Galaxy is it is large enough to carry 5 Apache helicopters.


The U.S. Air Force Plans To Keep The C-5 Galaxy In Active Service For The Years Ahead

The United States Air Force spearheaded a Reliability Enhancement and Re-engineering Program (RERP) to keep the C-5 in the air until 2040.

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