Drone Vs. Silage Harvester, A Harrowing Tale

Farming is a way of life for many of us over here in the States. In Ireland it is equally as popular. They have lush green fields that help create the perfect environment for growing just about anything you can imagine as it relates to agriculture. Featured here is a drone flown by none other than Paul Brennan. You may not recognize his name. That’s alright. More on him in just a few sentences.

The attempt was to show a silage harvester in action, and it does. We get a solid ten seconds before the tiny little drone is bated from the sky like a dizzy dragonfly. It was short-lived in its entirety due to one tiny flaw… ground clearance. It seems that when you put a drone up against a massive piece of farming equipment, height matters.


The massive piece of farming equipment always wins out if you don’t have enough ground clearance. You can also call this the tale of the $3000 drone versus the $50,000 harvester. You get what you pay for. In the end the most expensive machine wins out.

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However, before you laugh at Paul’s mishap, there is a pretty neat back story here. As it happens, this is not his first attempt with a drone. In fact, he and his brother