Why You Need To Wash Your Car Right Now

Sure, there are hundreds of different types of automatic car wash locations spread throughout the United States. They are quite diverse. Some are drive thru, others are do it yourself, and still others exist that are hybrids between the two. However, none of them provide the entertainment value of a gorgeous girl taking the task hands on.

The car wash industry as a whole is doing very well. Revenues have been increasing. Data as recent as 2013 suggests that car washes were washing 2.1% more vehicles annually. You don’t need a hot girl dousing a car with suds to draw a crowd. Plus, over the past decade and a half, there has been a 69% increase in people who use car washes, versus washing their car themselves.


It is estimated that 8 million vehicles per day pass through a car wash of some sort. That is industry gold right there people. Another interesting fact about car washes as a whole is the monopoly issue. A “Walmart” of car wash locations does not exist. The private sector is very fragmented and that is good news for independent owners.

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They do not have to fight the corporate giants to get a piece of the pie. They simply have to serve the pie up in a consistent manner. The numbers seem to indicate that they have