Riding in a Corvette Has Never Looked So Fun

It seems like 2013 was a good year for the guys at LMR. Here you get an example of what happens when you put a gorgeous brunette inside a performance modified Corvette. Her name is Sarah Leann. She is beautiful, fun, and appears to have a “perky” personality. So what did she give us? Essentially, we got a lot of smiles, giggles, and astonishing looks.

Not a bad pay off for taking a cutie for a ride in your Corvette, eh? Yet, you might be saying to yourself, “Hey, I have a Corvette, how come my wife/girlfriend doesn’t look like that when I drive? I would love for her to!” Well, for that answer, let’s turn to the guys at LMR and see how to put a smile back on her face!


For starters, LMR, also known as Late Model Race Craft, has been modifying luxury sports cars for a few years now. It’s what they do. They have 30 years of combined experience and know how to use it. Here is a little bit of what they have been able to accomplish with their car mods. They modified a Camaro that currently holds the title for being the worlds fastest Camaro. The LS X 461 cubic inch engine and LMR twin turbo system helped it secure a scorching 253.1 mph at the Texas Mile competition, held in Beeville, Texas.

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They have also modified a Firebird as well. In 2010, their twin turbo modified Firebird won the LSX Shoutout event in Bradenton, Florida, and set a class record topping out at 209